About Us

Pan-African Centre for Missiology is a  Professional body called to Advance the cause of World Missions through Scholarly study of Christian Missions and evaluation of mission concepts and strategies from a Biblical perspective and  to commend culturally relevant  mission theories and practice to Churches, mission agencies, and missionary training schools in Africa and beyond. To this end this centre is committed to promote  Collaborative   Research, Capacity building, Training and constructive dialogue on  Missiological and Theological issues growing out of the   mandate of the Church in Africa to “Disciple the Nations”

To be the leading Centre of Excellence for Missiological Research and Publication , Consultancy and Advisory services  with emphasis given to preparation and dissemination of  culturally relevant information, books and practical tools designated to   assist  the Church in Missionary training, Missionary service and Mission- related administration with a view to  recover the church’s missionary identity.

Missio Dei: The Mission of God which is made real in Christ is OUR MISSION.We are called to reclaim the same vision and passion for the mission of Jesus Christ in obedience to the Great Commission. We live life on mission in the places we live, work, and play, working  with God to see people reconciled to relationship with Him and culture be renewed for His glory. GOD’S MISSION- OUR MISSION- YOUR MISSION

“The church exists by mission just as fire exists by burning.”
-Emil Brunner


  • To disseminate information concerning mission among mission practitioners and related fields of study.
  • To promote networking, fellowship, cooperation, and mutual assistance in mission.
  • To organize international conferences of missiologists and inter-cultural theologians.
  • To encourage and facilitate research in mission and related fields and creation of centres of research.


Pan-African Centre for Missiology is endowed with a Five – Fold  purpose :-

  • Promote the scholarly study of missiological, theological, historical, social, and practical questions relating to the missionary dimension of the Christian Church.
  • Relate studies in Missiology to the other scholarly disciplines.
  • Promote fellowship and cooperation among individuals and institutions engaged in activities and studies related to Missiology.
  • Facilitate mutual assistance and exchange of information among those thus engaged.
  • Encourage Research and Publication in the study of Christian Missions.

Pan-African Centre for Missiology is affiliated to The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc, an International Apostolic Movement called to Advance the Kingdom of God to the Nations. An apostolic movement is a family of Churches and ministries comprised of people with various gifts that share common vision, values, goals and a commitment to plant and nurture Churches and ministries throughout the world. This ministry is incorporated in the state of Texas as a religious, charitable,501(c) 3 Non-profit  corporation. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Acronym GPF stands for Global Prayer Force.

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