Apprenticeship in Missions

Pan-African Centre For Missiology serves Churches and National missionaries in Africa based on the principle that the local Church is the commissioning authority and the centre has the delegated task of administration and oversight of missionaries (Acts 13:1-3). Therefore, before proceeding with the candidate process, The centre asks potential sending Churches to enter into a three-fold partnership between the local Church, Pan African Centre For Missiology, and the missionary.


  • recognize the God-given authority of the commissioning Church to send the missionary
  • accept the delegated authority from the sending Church to provide leadership, training, advice, direction and accountability for its missionary’s personal and ministry well being
  • consult with the commissioning Church prior to a decision to change ministry role or location of its missionaries
  • provide information, consultation, training and resources for local Churches in equipping, sending and sustaining their missionary
  • provide missionary care ministries from the Global Operations team, field leadership, and the Missionary Care department


  • examine, understand and abide by The Network’s doctrine and practice as defined by the AfriMissions connection and the Missions Associates Handbook
  • participate in all training required by The Centre’s leadership throughout their missionary career
  • actively pursue pre-field ministry and report regularly throughout the pre-field journey
  • cooperate with The Centre’s leadership and the commissioning Church regarding initial ministry role and location and consult with the mission and the commissioning Church prior to any decision to change role or location
  • serve faithfully in life and ministry pursuing holiness, humility, accountability and harmony with fellow Network leadership, team members and nationals
  • faithfully represent  Pan-African Centre for Missiology. and commissioning Church doctrine and practice in culturally appropriate ways


  • embrace its God-given role to equip, send and sustain missionaries
  • examine, understand and agree for its missionary to abide by The Centre’s doctrine, practice and principles
  • entrust The Centre’s leadership with the delegated authority and responsibility to train, advise, direct and hold its missionary accountable for personal and ministry well-being
  • consult with The Centre’s leadership and the missionary prior to a decision to change ministry role or location of the missionary
  • assist, support and hold its missionary accountable throughout application, appointment, pre-field and career ministry
  • faithfully pray, communicate, encourage and advise its missionary in cooperation with The centre’s leadership
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