Apprenticeship Program

Participant Activities
SENDING CHURCH 1.     Seeking God’s Guidance for missionary work
2.     Members define rolls regarding Mission
3.     Select a target People group
4.     Form a Missionary Team
SENDING CHURCH AND TEAM 5.     Begin Missionary Training
6.     Organize a missionary support group
7.     Mobilize for Prayer Support
TEAM 8.     Prepare for a Job if need be (Tent making)
9.     Practice learning a new language if need be
SENDING CHURCH AND TEAM 10.  (If Practical) Help plant a church in a nearby culture (Train for incarnational evangelism and working in restricted fields)
11.  Arrange for Financial Support
12.  Identify Responsive Segments of Target People
13.  Confirm and Equip Team members
14.  Make Final Preparations and Plans
15.  Commission and Send the Team
TEAM 16.  Locate where the people are responsive and the team can best use its gifts
17.  Settle in and bond with target people
18.  Wage Spiritual Warfare
19.  Proclaim Christ and begin new Churches
TEAM AND NEW CHURCHES 20.  Train Church elders
21.  Help New church plant Daughter Churches
22.  Enable Pastors to train other Pastors and send their own Missionaries


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