Sports Ministry Model

In a world that is becoming more resistant to traditional efforts of ministry, Pan-African SportsReach attempts to go where traditional evangelism has not been effective in reaching the unsaved.

In prisons, schools, churches, local communities and international competitions, personal testimonies, a clear Gospel message is presented in a sports setting and used successfully to share Christ with an unsaved world.

Pan-African SportsReach operates under two basic principles:

  • One is that sports provide a platform or avenue to share the Gospel that might not exist otherwise.
  • The second comes directly from Romans 12:6 –
    “We each have different gifts according to the grace given us… let him use them in proportion to his faith.”

Sports is certainly not the traditional idea one might picture when thinking of sharing the Gospel, but we each have different gifts, and we are called to use them.

The Opportunity…
Sports are a major part of our world’s culture and touch a greater segment of the population each year. Pan-African SportsReach capitalizes on this aspect of our society to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.In addition, this ministry attempts to identify those sports-minded individuals in the local church whose gifts and abilities are aimed in this same direction. We help the local church train those people to use their gifts to bring others to Christ.

We attempt to help these individuals understand the talents God has given them and then show them how to use their gifts effectively through churches and ministries like Pan-African SportsReach.

Reaching and Teaching the World Through Sports
Pan-African SportsReach focuses on providing training to the church to help godly men and women know how to use sports effectively in a God-honouring way for evangelism, discipleship, and perhaps church planting.
R – Reach Out (Missions) and Reach In (Ministry)
E – Evangelism
A – Availability (to train, support and encourage)
C – Connect to God (Discipleship)
H – Honor God (It’s not about Me)

Sport provides a great platform to spend time with Young people in their environment (1Cor. 9:22). If Christians are strategic about this, much ministry could be done with sports and many lives could be impacted and transformed by God’s grace. However, one of the key factors for this to occur is having the correct people involved who have a kingdom mindset.

Sports Ministry is all about ministry and little about sports. We are not looking for the best players per se, though they are also welcome. Instead, we want to partner with all churches to help train members who have heart for ministry, and interested in using sports for the glory of God through relational evangelism.

It is true there are many negatives associated with sports in this contemporary time, but there is also a lot of good associated with it. Sport is neutral; it is neither good nor bad depending on the person involved in it. We believe the church could help redeem sports and it could be one of the most powerful tools to reach  youth and students for God’s glory.

Some Advantages of doing sports include:

  1. Physical gains
  2. Psychological gains
  3. Health gains
  4. Very relational
  5. Great opportunity to teach life skills like discipline, respect, hard work, team spirit etc
  6. Sports break down every kind of barrier like tribal, religious etc

Advantages to the Church

There are many advantages a sports ministry can provide to the church which includes:

  1. Helps address the needs of youth and students
  2. Involves young people in evangelism, discipleship and church planting
  3. Shows the community the church is approachable, relevant, and concerned
  4. Develops new leaders for the church
  5. Provides another tool to reach out, disciple, and help fulfill the Great Commission
  6. Provides (financial) security for the future of the church
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