PACM Distinctives

  1. We are Pan-African that is, we are dedicated to fostering cooperation and solidarity among Africa and her global Diaspora to provide a networking platform and create opportunities between African peoples and regions that are virtually unknown to each other as we seek to Advance the Kingdom of God in the continent and beyond.
  2. We are Evangelical...that is, we are committed to the doctrinal foundations that salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone and that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
  3. We are Apostolic…. that is, we are committed to Advance the Apostolic Gospel of the Kingdom as commanded by Jesus Christ.
  4. We are Missiological...that is, we facilitate the discussion of missiological and theological concerns growing out of the mandate of the Church to disciple the nations and are committed to theological integration within all of missionary work and thinking.
  5. We are an Associationthat is, we exist to promote fellowship and professional stimulation among active and retired professors of missiology, anthropology, and closely allied disciplines, missionaries, mission administrators and Pastors with strategic missiological interests, Christian Professionals, University students  and students of missiology.


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