Memorial Stones


About a decade ago Dr. William Tyree III and Peter Badia Took a 5 week Missions Trip traversing across borders into 5 East African Countries (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania) to consult with Indigenous Missionaries in this region and also to encourage them in their ministries. The Result was phenomenal! Over 200 Indigenous Missionaries gave a fresh commitment to take the Gospel to the regions beyond. Here are some highlights.

We have a long history of work with the Church in Rwanda.When the church in Gitarama (Rwanda) heard  that Dr Tyree and Peter Badia were scheduled to hold a series of meetings with the church in Bwenda, the members of the church took upon themselves to walk for 4 hours on foot carrying with them a generator, a keyboard and gifts to present to the team. This was the shortest way the church in Gitarama could get to the meeting on time. After the meeting at Bwenda those who came from Gitarama walked again for 4 hours and crossed the river with their equipment rejoicing over what the lord enabled them to hear as they received ministry.


Dr. Tyree III and Peter Badia had an opportunity to attend one of the debates organized by Al’ Buruj  Predication Centre in Bujumbura Burundi in defense of Faith. It is a common practice for the Muslims of Bujumbura (Burundi) to engage Christians on a public debate to challenge the Christian faith and try to prove that Islam is the current religion that needs to be followed by all.

The Muslim leaders in attendance felt honored with the presence of the missions team and wanted to hear more from them about the various themes  of contest. An Imam Went privately to Dr Tyree and asked Him a few questions related to faith and in the process felt that  Dr Tyree’s approach to his questions was convincing. Before the team  left for Tanzania,the Muslims leaders requested  the team to consider coming back to Burundi.

Encouraging The Leaders in Kitale Kenya Dr. Tryree III talked about Memorial stones, The story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River  found in Joshua chapters 3-5. “What do these stones mean to you?” Joshua 4:6. He used the illustration of this story to highlight the early missions efforts which were initiated by the African-Americans in  the 1800’s. He did a presentation to show  the Norfolk’s Missionary Monument (Llewellyn Avenue at Harrison Opera House) and other similar memorial monuments which serve as a reminder of the  work initiated by the fallen heroes of missions in the 1800’s.

Pan African Centre for Missiology has created intrest in the historical missionary involvement of Africans in Diaspora who have demonstrated a calling for Missions in Africa. We take note that African Americans have been involved in Missions for over 200 years helping to reach Africa with the Gospel. We also acknowledge that a new generation of Mission leaders in Diaspora are taking responsibility to initiate a new wave of Mission movement focused on reaching the African Continent.

What do these stones mean to you?” Joshua 4:6

What do these stones mean?

  • The stones reminded those facing tough times about what God has done in the past.
  • The stones remained to encourage the next generation of God’s power to deliver.
  • The stones remained as a memorial to the people of the earth of God’s existence and character.
  • The stones remind us of our role and responsibility in fulfilling the Great Commission

Will you Joins us to Build on the Legacy of those who have gone ahead of us. Pan-African Centre for Missiology  is dedicated to fostering cooperation and solidarity among Africa and her global Diaspora to provide a networking platform and create opportunities between African peoples and regions that are virtually unknown to each other as we seek to Advance the Kingdom of God in the continent and beyond.


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