Pan-African Sportsreach

Pan-African Sportsreach is the sports wing of Pan-African Centre for Missiology . This centre  seeks to partner with churches, individuals, and organizations to use sports to impact the world for Jesus Christ … ONE life at a time! We teach sportsmanship and character in addition to the sports fundamentals in a variety of different programs, using Scripture as the foundation. Sports is a universal language that creates common ground and opens the door for conversation.

Sport is a worldwide activity engaging people at all levels in all walks of life. From the spectator level through to participation and to the elite sporting level, there is opportunity to intentionally reach out to people and share the good news of the Gospel.

Sport is culturally relevant and therefore gives opportunity to reach out to people of all nationalities in a multicultural society. Sporting personalities can reach very high profiles, even to the point of being worshipped. When sports personalities become Christians and model Jesus they can have a platform that is a very powerful tool for God.

OUR Vision
To see the world impacted for Christ … ONE life at a time! through the powerful relational tool of sports, within a strategic church-centered approach, to transform the lives of students and youth doing sports, their families and communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

OUR Mission
To proclaim the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through the pursuit of excellence in Sportsmanship and athletics.

Our Values
Faith – Integrity – Serving – Teamwork – Excellence

Statement of Purpose
To facilitate the growth and development of Sports Ministry in Africa (all communities and cultures) through:

  1. Networking existing sports ministries in order that each can better achieve its own goals and objectives;
  2. The sharing of information between established and emerging sports ministries;
  3. To assist in the process of envisioning and training churches in Sports Ministry;
  4. To implement effective partnerships for national and international Sports Ministry initiatives.
  5. To facilitate and intentionally encourage transformation and representation within sports ministries in Africa.


The following are four examples of how Pan-African Sportsreach could facilitate partnerships in order to add value to Sports Ministry in Africa:

  • Organising conferences for the purpose of sharing information and encouraging new churches and ministries to join the network.
  • Major Sporting Events: facilitating networks to coordinate outreaches during Major Sports Events – both those held within Kenya and those in other countries.
  • Co-ordinating training courses and promoting the development of Sports Ministry training materials for churches.
  • Developing structures and resources for the sharing of information: databases, web-sites, etc.


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