Statement of Rationale

Sports Ministry is an effective and valid tool for evangelism and discipleship. For this to develop we need –

  1. To develop education and training opportunities to equip people to deliver effective sports ministry.
  2. To identify & develop key sports ministry personnel committed to long term sports ministry positions
  3. To develop a sports chaplaincy network into all aspects of Pan-African SportsReach.
  4. To have trained and ready to respond mission teams for major events outreach.
  5. To have developed ‘models’ of ministry to assist local churches to implement sports ministry
  6. To adequately resource effective models of sports ministry outreach

For local churches the following is important

  1. To understand the theology of sports ministry.
  2. Development of training and education for sports ministry.
  3. Selection and development of Sports Chaplaincy network
  4. Developed models of effective sports ministry

Pan-African SportsReach endorses the importance of sports ministry and encourages every effort made to build relationships with those engaged in sporting ministries. Leading people into a relationship with Jesus and fellowship in the local churches is a high priority.

The engagement in and fostering of healthy living through sporting activities for all ages is to be encouraged.

Preferred Model for Sports Ministry
Pan-African SportsReach preferred model for sports ministry is ‘local initiative with minimal capital outlay and maximum mission engagement’. This is to be done through the creative use of our own community facilities and other available local community centres.

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